Séverin Hatt
Research topics
  • Agroecosystem diversification, Agroecological crop protection, Conservation biological control, Mixed cropping, Wildflower strips, Insect-flower interactions, Ecosystem services
I am interested in maximizing functional agrobiodiversity in agroecosystems to enhance the delivery of regulating ecosystem services towards favouring high and stable productivity. I design and conduct original field-based experiments integrating various crop and non-crop species (intercropping, companion planting, wildflower strips at margins), study the complex interactions at play, and evaluate the resulting multifunctional performances. Especially, I have been focusing on strengthening agroecological crop protection, by reducing risks of infestation by insect pests, weeds and pathogen, and favoring conservation biological control by natural enemies (predators, parasitoids). I am an Associate Editor for the journal Arthropod-Plant Interactions (Springer Nature).
Selected publications
  • Hatt S., Francis F., Xu Q., Wang S., Osawa N. (2020). Perennial flowering strips for conservation biological control of insect pests: from picking and mixing flowers to tailored functional diversity. In: Gao Y., Hokkanen H., Menzler-Hokkanen I. (Eds), Integrative Biological Control, Progress in Biological Control Series, Springer, 57-71.
  • Hatt S., Uyttenbroeck R., Lopes T., Mouchon P., Osawa N., Piqueray J., Monty A., Francis F. (2019). Identification of flower functional traits affecting abundance of generalist predators in perennial multiple species wildflower strips. Arthropod-Plant Interactions, 13, 127–137.
  • Hatt S., Boeraeve F., Artru S., Dufrêne M., Francis F. (2018). Spatial diversification of agroecosystems to enhance biological control and other regulating services: an agroecological perspective. Science of the Total Environment, 621, 600–611.
  • Hatt S., Lopes T., Boeraeve F., Chen J., Francis F. (2017). Pest regulation and support of natural enemies in agriculture: experimental evidence of within field wildflower strips. Ecological Engineering, 98, 240–245.
  • Lopes T., Hatt S., Xu Q., Chen J., Liu Y., Francis F. (2016). Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)-based intercropping systems for biological pest control. Pest Management Science, 72, 2193–2202.
Séverin Hatt


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