Johannes Timaeus
Research topics
  • Development of diversified cropping systems, especially intercrops / species mixtures in arable farming. Experimental research on crop ecology. Social science studies on intercropping systems and their the value chain context, especially of food products.
My research focus is on diversified cropping systems in arable farming, especially intercropping. The development of diversified cropping systems requires an interdisciplinary natural and social science approach in agroecology. I study practical design aspects of intercropping systems, e.g., variety selection or sowing density, and how these affect system performance. To provide the foundation for intercropping system design, I study ecological interactions between crop species, the role of plant traits, and the interactions of crops and their environment. This experimental work is complemented by qualitative social science and participatory methods to incorporate knowledge from farmers and other food system actors.
Selected publications
  • Timaeus, Johannes, Ties Ruigrok, Torsten Siegmeier, and Maria Renate Finckh. „Adoption of Food Species Mixtures from Farmers’ Perspectives in Germany: Managing Complexity and Harnessing Advantages“. Agriculture 12, Nr. 5 (Mai 2022): 697.
  • Timaeus, Johannes, Odette Denise Weedon, and Maria Renate Finckh. „Combining Genetic Gain and Diversity in Plant Breeding: Heritability of Root Selection in Wheat Populations“. Sustainability 13, Nr. 22 (Januar 2021): 1–16.
  • Timaeus, Johannes, Odette Denise Weedon, and Maria Renate Finckh. „Harnessing the Potential of Wheat-Pea Species Mixtures: Evaluation of Multifunctional Performance and Wheat Diversity“. Frontiers in Plant Science 13 (2022): 1–18.
  • Timaeus, Johannes, Odette Weedon, Gunter Backes, and Maria R. Finckh. „Plant traits, plasticity and growth dynamics in wheat-pea species mixtures: evaluation of contrasting wheat genotypes“. In Aspects of Applied Biology. Reading, 2021.
  • Salembier, Chloé, Ane Kirstine Aare, Laurent Bedoussac, Iman Raj Chongtham, Abco de Buck, Nawa Raj Dhamala, Christos Dordas, (…) Johannes Timaeus (…). „Exploring the Inner Workings of Design-Support Experiments: Lessons from 11 Multi-Actor Experimental Networks for Intercrop Design“. European Journal of Agronomy 144 (1. März 2023): 126729.
Johannes Timaeus


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