Isabel Kilian
Research topics
  • pollination ecology, DNA barcoding and metabarcoding, tropical ecology, conservation biology, Hymenoptera, Brachycera, soil meso and macrofauna, agroecology
Generally, my interests are within agroecology and entomology. More specifically, I am interested in pollination ecology, with a special focus on the analysis of plant-pollinator interactions and networks in agroecosystems with integrative approaches combining DNA metabarcoding and traditional methods. Additionally, I am also interested in the effect of fertilization on soil arthropods.
Selected publications
  • Kilian, I. C., Swenson, S. J., Mengual, X., Gemeinholzer, B., Hamm, A., Wägele, W., & Peters, R. S. (2023). More complex than you think: Taxonomic and temporal patterns of plant‐pollinator networks of caraway (Carum carvi L.). Molecular Ecology.
  • Mengual, X., Kilian, I. C., & Pazmiño-Palomino, A. (2022). First records of the genus Aristosyrphus Curran, 1941 (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Ecuador. Check List, 18(5), 1045-1051.
  • Kilian, I. C., Espeland, M., Mey, W., Wowor, D., Hadiaty, R. K., von Rintelen, T., & Herder, F. (2022). DNA barcoding unveils a high diversity of caddisflies (Trichoptera) in the Mount Halimun Salak National Park (West Java; Indonesia). PeerJ, 10, e14182.
  • Motivans Švara, E., Ştefan, V., Sossai, E., Feldmann, R., Aguilon, D. J., Bontsutsnaja, A., [...] Kilian, I.C., […] & Neuenkamp, L. (2021). Effects of different types of low‐intensity management on plant‐pollinator interactions in Estonian grasslands. Ecology and evolution, 11(23), 16909-16926.
Isabel Kilian


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