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Pilotfarms Organic Farming Landbau in North Rhine-Westphalia

In order to make scientifically sound recommendations for action on organic farming available more quickly for the provision of advice to organic farms, the project "Pilotfarms for organic farming in NRW" was set up in 1993.

In this co-operation project, practice, advice and research are networked through the close collaboration of 30 organic farms, the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture and the University of Bonn (INRES_AOL).

Project description

The cooperation project of the Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES), Chair of Agroecology and Organic Farming (AOL), the NRW Chamber of Agriculture and the State Association of Organic Farming (LVÖ) effectively promotes organic farming in North Rhine-Westphalia by demonstrating and optimising selected organic farms and their production methods and by providing specialist advice based on this. In the AOL sub-project, numerous experimental projects are carried out and analysed in detail in cooperation with other working groups of the Faculty of Agriculture, and the level of knowledge for various site and operating conditions is expanded. The solution approaches are tested and optimised on the lead farms and, if suitable, demonstrated at several locations in order to ensure the transfer of knowledge into broad agricultural practice. The feasibility of the demonstrated methods is evaluated directly by practitioners and advisors and passed on to colleagues.

Leitbetriebe NRW - Feldtag
Leitbetriebe NRW - Feldtag © Christoph Stumm

Funding code: LANUV 17-02.04.01-02/2023
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Dr. Claudia Hof-Kautz & Sebastian Glowacki

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