GBOL – German Barcode of Life
Pollen of Pastinaka sativa

DNA barcoding in the context of pollination in agriculture: data and measures to increase yields and conserve biodiversity

Project goals

The project aims to analyse pollinator networks in complex agricultural systems through applied research using DNA barcoding.

The aim is not only to record pollinator and flower visitor species communities, but also to document and analyse their respective pollen food and reproduction resources in detail.

Pollinator species that have not yet been listed in the DNA barcode reference database are to be recorded and entered.

In addition, the DNA barcoding of pollen loads will be carried out in collaboration with the Justus Liebig University Giessen. The results will also be stored in a reference database.

All in all, it should then be possible to develop a pollen pollinator recognition tool based on both DNA barcoding databases.

Mid-wine gushers on the bow flower.
Mid-wine gushers on the bow flower. © Sofie Gawronski

Project titel: Barcoding von Bestäubern und Pollen
Acronym: GBOL
Project website:
Duration 2016 bis 2018

 Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)

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Carrot leaf wasp (Athalia rosae) on a caraway umbel
Carrot leaf wasp (Athalia rosae) on a caraway umbel © Isabel Kilian
Pollen load of a collected insect
Pollen load of a collected insect © Isabel Kilian


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