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Nutrient management and long-term yield increase in organic farms

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Nutrient management and long-term yield increase in organic farms

Acronym Organic Nutrient Manager
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EU, European innovation partnership

Contact staff at AOL University of Bonn: Christoph Stumm
Other staff involved Ariane Eckstein
Project aims Yield in organic farming is stagnating. Soil samples of long-term organic farmed fields show problems with respect to pH-values and phosphorus. No standard calculation of fertilizers for organic agriculture is available. An organic fertilizer program will be developed exemplary for potatoes and vegetables. This program can be adapted for other cultures afterwards. Standard analyses of soil samples usually only indicate readily available nutrients. In contrast organic farming is based on subsequent delivery of nutrients out of soil and organic matter. For this purpose it is necessary to research and test potential measuring parameters. Nitrogen availability can be planed with the program N-DICEA, written by the Dutch Louis Bolk Instituut. Rewriting the program will allow similar calculations for NRW in the future.
Role of the AOL group

The Agroecology and Organic Farming group of the Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES) at the University of Bonn conducts field trials to investigate the potential of catch crops for nitrogen conservation over winter and to detect sources of deficiency. Based on these observations as well as on measurements in following main crops nutrient release of different catch crops should be estimated for fertilizer management plans

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Project leaders aand partner

Chamber of agriculture North-Rhine Westphalia, Köln-Auweiler

LUFA NRW, Münster
Louis Bolk Instituut, Driebergen, Netherlands
Pilot farm Finke´s Hof, Borken
Pilot farm Mühlenhof, Halle (Westf.)
Pilot farm Schanzenhof, Alpen
Organic farm Wilhelm Bollmann, Hamminkeln


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